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Our goal is to guide you in organizing your Dubailand vacation. We will supply information on the attractions and area hotels. We will highlight how you can have an exciting and safe trip to the ultimate vacation spot.
 We will soon have listings and ratings for area hotels, site seeing, tourism information and all of the wonders that a Dubailand vacation has to offer.  

About Dubailand:
Dubailand bills itself as "the Ultimate Entertainment, Leisure and Tourism Destination". It is a mega-project that is currently under development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It will cover an area of 3 billion square feet. It will be twice the size of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, currently the largest collection of amusement parks in the world. Dubailand will be an unforgettable vacation experience for both children and adults.


The diverse projects under Dubailand include leisure, entertainment, theme parks, eco- tourism, shopping malls, restaurants and residential units. Dubailand will play an important role in positioning  Dubai as an international hub of family tourism  and vacationing, attracting 15 million tourists annually by 2010.

Dubailand will contain 45 mega projects and over 200 tourism, leisure and entertainment sub projects..

Phase 1 of the Dubailand project will extend from 2007 to 2010 and the final phase of the Dubailand will be completed between 2015 and 2018.If you are interested in buying this domain name, please email me:







The 6 "Worlds" of Dubailand....

1. Attractions and Experience World
A World of theme and water parks, roller coasters & adventure. It will feature themed, large-scale attractions. It's largest theme park will act as an anchor, attracting visitors and encouraging visits to other attractions within the World and Dubailand as a whole.

The Attractions and Experience World will contain a total of 16 projects....Aqua Dubai, Astrolab Resort, Aviation World,  Great Dubai Wheel, Dubailand Theme Park, Snowdome,  Falcon City of Wonders, Fantasia, Giants World, The Global Village, The Islamic Culture and Science World, Kids World, Legends, Planetarium, Space and Science World, Tourism Park.

2. Retail and Entertainment World &  3.Downtown
A  mix of entertainment, shopping and eating out, the Retail & Entertainment World and Downtown will be a mixed destination offering a variety of retail, dining and entertainment facilities. It will feature family entertainment activities such as cinemas, bowling, street entertainment, computer-based games centers, themed restaurants and nightclubs. The Downtown area will be an incredible shopping experience. It will consist of the Mall of Arabia, which will be the worlds largest shopping mall. The City Walk and the Great Dubai Wheel - which will be the world's largest observation wheel.

 4. Themed Leisure and Vacation World
The Themed Leisure and Vacation World will be a world of spas, health and well being. It will consist of  retreats designed to respond to the growing international demand for quality vacation village residences, resort hotels and wellness retreats. It will include fitness and stress-management facilities and it will offer unique creative concepts, such as themed resorts, that provide visitors a chance to experience faraway exotic locales without leaving Dubailand.

5. Eco-Tourism World
Eco-Tourism World will comprise a series of nature and desert-based attractions. It will cover approximately 1.4 billion square feet (130 million square meters) and will contain a total of 7 projects (Al Barari, Dubai Heritage Village, Life World, Pet Land, Safari Park, Sand Dune Hotel, Tropical Village)

6. Sports and Outdoor World
The Sports and Outdoor World will include sporting venues that will host international rugby, cricket and other sports tournaments as well as extreme sports activities. When completed, it will be ideally positioned to become a prime warm weather training facility for professional sports teams. It will cover approximately 354 million square feet (32.9 million square meters), and will contain a total of 5 projects (Dubai Autodrome and Business Park,  Sports City, Extreme Sports World, Golf World, The Plantation Equestrian & Polo Club).

Dubailand is located just just 10 minutes from Dubai International Airport,20 minutes from Sharjah and 60 minutes from Abu Dhabi. It's ideal location makes it perfect for vacation travel from Asia, Europe and even the USA.

Dubailand Vacation News:
On February 12, 2006, groundwork started for the Snowdome.  A winter wonderland with all the adventure attractions of a snow and ice leisure park. The  project will be completed by end 2008. This structure will be the largest free standing dome in the world.
The Snowdome project, will offer a leisure winter wonderland experience with attractive features for all visitors. The project, extending over 1.4 million square feet, consists of a dome that will include a huge revolving ski slope, going through and around an artificial mountain range. The Snowdome complex also includes a deluxe hotel designed to look like an iceberg thus creating an authentic winter feeling for the tourists.

The Snowdome will feature only real snow - no chemicals. Skiing will be made possible in a pleasant ambient temperature of around +10 degrees Centigrade. Skiers will be taken up with a cable lift to the top of a ski slope where they can enjoy the beautiful view.










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